106 of 365

She woke up once and then again. Both times with a start. Eventually, all her senses were with her. It took a few minutes to gather herself though. Every once in a while, she drifted so deeply into sleep that in her sleep, she was asleep. And in that sleep, she was dreaming of another world. When she woke up from this series of dreams, she never remembered any of them. All she recollected was the ¬†experience of being air borne two consecutive times. She was left with a feeling of commotion, though. She was overwhelmed by the movements of the world she existed in. It was quick, fast and artificial. It unraveled at a hurried pace. So fast that a part of her questioned if it was reality or was she dreaming this up too? She then had to go over in her head the moments before she opened her eyes. She blinked herself senseless. But answers eluded her. Sometimes these answers led to logical memories of falling asleep promptly. Some other times, she couldn’t remember anything before the moment she was dragged back to the present. Those times, her mind was wandering in space, time and truly believed that the past did not exist. In those brief fleeting moments, neither did the future. In fact, even the present went by in a blur as she hovered in limbo for a while longer. Unattached and untainted.

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