101 of 365

She was faced by a predicament larger than her; it was larger than her life too. She stood grasping for air in the chaos of her mind. Regardless of who else is to blame, she was responsible for the mess she created with each decision. Caution was elusive. Reason evaded her. She avoided confrontations that taxed her. She wanted to erase crisis and be incognito. But she wasn’t that lucky despite her lust for secrecy. Her life lacked lustre and structure. She was part-broken.

Additionally, she was calm, collected and resourceful. Decision making and problem solving were her forte. She was a lone sentinel, a warrior. She stood gracefully tall in troubled times. She handled catastrophes with class. Life was mediocre and boring. Her speech was free of masks and lies; she spoke with honesty. She was part-whole.

She felt the friction at the juncture when the personalities switched. Though, each of the contradicting personalities fit her with equal ease.

She thought she was empty. On the other hand, she had it all.

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