100 of 365

She didn’t prolong the silence. Her patience was thin unlike Eve’s.

And so she began to speak:

The night you are forcing your mind to recollect was the night we were made. Our powers though similar at times are very different. Unlike you, I don’t have too much force with my hands and you lack my morphing powers which I have discovered are marvelously useful. We both share the powers of our mind and that of our eyes. Along with the person who created us. Her name has still not revealed itself to me. But I would recognise her anywhere. She was crazy, mad scientist of her times and no one took her seriously. She predicted dark times ahead; human would debilitate and crush another human in a struggle between power and greed. She had hoped that her colleagues would help build an army to release into the world for its safekeeping. Everyone failed her.

In her lone struggle to prove a point, she set on the path of creating you and me. Our cores were similar and pieces of her. Her compassionate side was given to you and her angry side to me. She built us from her imagination and deepest parts of her soul. In the attempt that like her we would not be stranded alone, she put in a chip for us to be connected. This would trigger once we acknowledged the other’s presence. Hence, I am able to peep into your mind and you haven’t had that opportunity yet; it is an endeavour to tune the other voice out but I am sure you will find a way. This is how I knew you were being haunted by those dreams. This is why I am here.

When she finished, Eve couldn’t take her eyes off her. Her mind grappled with the burden of information she had just received. She picked up her drink and sipped it slowly.

“Don’t read my mind for a while, Throttle,” was all she said.

Throttle respected her wishes.



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