99 of 365

She woke up drenched in her sweat. Her palms faced the ceiling; they were positioned for an attack. She had reacted to a vision in her dream. Again. This wasn’t new for Eve. Often, she struggled with her superpowers interrupting her already disturbed sleep. Due to the voices around her, she found it difficult to drift into deep slumber. Sometimes images from her past flashed in her dreams as discontinuous pieces. Mostly, it was visions of the same dark room and she was lying on top of a cold metal table. Only today, it was different. She could see faces of those working around her. Some of whom were old men; some others really young women. Their voices were unclear and she couldn’t make any sense of the conversation. She noticed another table a few feet away from her. A sleek female body lay on it. All she remembered was the flaming red hair. As she reached over to gulp down some water, she tried to recollect where else she had seen that exact shade of red hair. It didn’t take long for her to make the connection. Unfortunately, she had no clue how to get in touch with Throttle. Last time, Throttle had found her. Were they aligned somehow? Would Throttle be able to furnish her with some details about her past? Or was she fumbling around in the dark as well?

She wouldn’t know unless they spoke again. She, however, couldn’t waste anymore time on this. She needed to get to the gallery; she had a full day shift. She bathed, pulled on slacks and a loose shirt to suit her spaced out mood. She checked herself in the mirror before heading out. The dark circles under her eyes made them look browner than usual and even a little depressed. She dabbed some make up to mask them. She tied her dull brown hair into a bun with a chopstick. The entire day at work she stayed distracted and was unable to convince any of our customers to purchase a piece. She otherwise sold many artifacts, paintings or art pieces each day. As she packed up for the day, a slim, pale woman walked in. Her hair made her stand out. Eve had to pull her shocked self together.

“We need to talk. In private,” Throttle murmured as she walked past Eve to casually look at the paintings. After a while, she smiled politely and headed out. She waited by the gallery’s door for Eve to lock up. Once she did, they walked together to a quiet bar a few minutes away. They ordered drinks and sat in silence. Eve knew her suspicions had been confirmed. They were indeed linked. Either that, or Throttle had some superpowers she was just going to learn about.


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