98 of 365

She needed to find a weapon and develop it to her preference. The following night she wore her suit and went hunting for a place to buy blades. Blades suited her personality and she felt motivated to embed it in her costume. As a last resort, she could use it. But first, she would need to locate the material to make this weapon that would be hers. As she jumped from roof top to roof top, she surveyed the streets to find a metal shop. The rest of the work could be done in the confines of her room. When angered enough, her eyes spewed fire rays.

Several jumps later, she found a tiny hardware store. She used her vision skills to see the produce in the shop. Finally, she located the necessary material to purchase. She flew to a isolated lane to shed her suit and fitted it into a tiny pouch. She marched into the shop and bought pieces of metal, screws and some gum. Just as she was paying for the goods, she noticed an elastic wire rolled up in the corner. She stopped midway as a brain wave hit her. A royal purple lasso for her other hand. She could use it to draw the criminals close to her and even rescue the victims. She grinned as she paid for the wire as well as a jar of purple paint. It must have been the weirdest assortment of material ever purchased in one go; she was content.

She walked back to her apartment and was on lock down till she finished. She applied for leave from the gallery and began working on the new additions to her costume. She formed a ice wrap around her work station before she focussed her efforts towards directing the fire within to melt the metal.  Many failed attempts later, she built two sharp blades. She pulled out her suit to modify the boots for the blades to get tucked into them. Meanwhile, she let the now purple painted lasso dry. Hours of tedious work behind her, she crashed on her bed for a few moments of shut eye. The few moments spun into few hours and before she realised it was night again. She wore on her modified suit before she soared away. She roamed the streets routinely looking for trouble makers to silence. She spotted a boy, oblivious to his surroundings, wandering the streets. She flew down to him and asked him where he lived. Frightened by her appearance, he ran away screaming. She hesitated to go after him and watched him from afar. She knew he needed help so she approached him again and this time she used her lasso to pull him towards her. The boy blinked at her before confessing that he ran away from home; he was tired of watching his drunk parents break bottles around the house. Eve picked him up in her arms and flew to the nearest children’s home. She couldn’t imagine escorting him back to that unsafe space. The home would take it forward she thought. She dropped him off at the centre, rang the bell and whispered, “If you are afraid, just mutter Eve thrice firmly. I will come to you.” The boy waved as he watched her take flight.