97 of 365

She sat down amidst her thoughts and stared at the city lights. This city had become her life. Dedicating her life to saving it was magnanimous but she couldn’t remember exactly why she had done so. She needed to find a way to do more, even as she spent less time on the job. Her moist eyes continued to gaze over the people of the city as she accepted that even heroines can sometimes falter.

As she continued to be seated with her guard lowered, she heard a rustle approaching her. She raised her hands, ready for a fight. To her surprise, it was a blue tiny bird that halted in mid-air in front of her. Just as she was about to relax, she sensed thought waves emanating from the bird. Her hands in position, she remarked, “Show yourself.” The bird rose into the air and came crashing down with high speed. With a pop, a woman in orange boots, blue suit and flaming red hair stood before her. She transferred her weapon, a three pin blade, from one hand to another before offering her hand. Eve shook it in bewilderment. “Throttle,” she said, “is my name.” Eve was speechless. She could sense energy vibes from other bodies and Throttle’s vibe made her cautious.

“I have been watching you stealthily for a while. Our rhythms are very different. I, like my name, am violent. I finish the business I start, usually. We won’t get along well but I have seen you struggle. I just had a suggestion to make. Get yourself a weapon. You will need it,” Throttle said.

Eve fixated her vision on Throttle as her mind analysed her environment over the past few weeks to match the current vibes. She was able to detect a few overlaps. She cringed that it escaped her scrutiny. The vibes were distinct, potent and paralysing. Throttle smirked at the unease her presence was causing. Eve finally spoke. “Thank you for the intervention. Perhaps I have been sending out helpless message into the universe.” “Yes, you are. Frankly, I find it pathetic,” Throttle responded.

She stuck out her hand again, shook Eve’s and sped up into the sky. With a similar pop, she morphed into a bird and retreated into her universe. Confounded by her emotions, Eve began her flight back home. On route, she received visions of a man being threatened. The attacker had a gun and the victim was blubbering helplessly. She was less than 2 minutes away. She couldn’t let the man die. Not on her watch. She raced to the spot and released her magnetic ropes from the palm of her left hand. The ropes bound themselves around the leg of the attacker. A shot fired. The bullet grazed her thigh as it sped past her. She released more rope that tied him up like a mummy. With a swish of her hand, the knots were tight on the rope. She ordered the man to call the police. She didn’t wait for the police to show. She took to the air and made her way back to her room. She had a wound to nurse. She took off her suit and cleaned it up. Her metal body couldn’t feel much pain. But the wound impeded her movement.

By then, her mind was burdened with voices from the street. She needed to find a sword. Her fighting would have to be turned up a notch. Before she injured herself anymore.