96 of 365

A partner she didn’t know how to find. In all these years, she had never encountered anyone else roaming the streets like her. There was some whispers about a dark, angry woman. But she had never seen her and she was not willing to believe the rumours. She needed proof. However, if she was bitter then Eve couldn’t work with her. Her code was the very foundation of why she began to take to the streets. She remembered the many months she had spent reeling in her anger. Anger would turn her bitter and this world had enough of bitter folk. She needed to channel her energies to achieve greater good. As gratifying as it sounds, it isolated her from maintaining any close relationships. Initially, she would be furious and lose control of her powers. It would result in loud noises, harm to herself and a suspicious landlord. Her first few suits also didn’t have the finish and class that her current suit has. It was also badly coordinated. Red, blue, black were all overdone colours. She needed to mark her personality and create a space so comfortable that she would be able to unleash her powers.

She always feared that someone, anyone, would see through her clothes and notice the scars on her body. From the excessive working out, occasional bruises from her encounters with the crime, her body did not look like it could be. Her day job involved selling art pieces at a gallery. The money from it helped her get by. She also could lay low when she got hurt badly. More so, very few people who came to buy the art pieces would ever recognise her in a suit. As she sold a piece and got out of work for the week, she marched quickly towards her place. She needed some secluded thinking today. She changed into her suit and gravitated to her hide out which was a water tank kms away from the city. She couldn’t think in her room as the noises from the outside world distracted her. She would be on guard in the midst of a sentence. She didn’t like the disturbance.

She sat down amidst her thoughts and stared at the city lights. This city had become her life. Dedicating her life to saving it was magnanimous but she couldn’t remember exactly why she had done so. She needed to find a way to do more, even as she spent less time on the job. Her moist eyes continued to gaze over the people of the city as she accepted that even heroines can sometimes falter.

3/ n