95 of 365

Eve flew back to her one room apartment to take off her suit. She was half-machine, half-human. Her warm side urged her to go out each time and save a few lives; her metal half enabled her to do so. She couldn’t remember how she developed her machine side. No matter how hard she tried the memory was far too blur. All she recollected was being locked alone in a room with fumes that she now related to alcohol. Still, she couldn’t smell a bottle of whiskey without going weak in the knees.

Over decades of having rescued people from moments of peril, she had gained a few mentions in the paper. But it was always disbelief. No one truly quite understood what was the machine, woman or object that saved them. Once a child spotted her landing on the rooftop opposite his balcony. It was the sole description that matched her image in reality. Children don’t lie then, she had thought. Her description was then carried in the next day’s newspaper’s lead story. She had cut out the paper and pasted it on her vanity mirror. Living a stealthy life meant she had no friends or family to talk to. This made her dedicate all her time to improving her suit which eventually led to her being┬ánarcissistic. She read closely through comic books to be inspired by the gadgets used in them and recreated them to fit her requirement. Despite the bad-ass image she developed, she was against killing or other violent acts. Violence violated her code of ethics and honour which were an essential part of her being. She merely rescued those who needed her help.

When she first began her crime fighting role, she was forced to patrol the streets and find the victims. Later on, she hacked into the police’s equipment. This lasted a short while. She felt that the information that reached them was not enough. Eventually, she learnt to tune her hearing to sense vulnerabilities. She sat in her balcony, wearing her suit, and listened to the sounds around her. For many days all she heard was cars honking and trucks. Slowly, her hearing tuned out the superficial sounds and taped in on the deeper sounds. She couldn’t grasp her own ability to do it. She sensed that her radar didn’t go further than 7kms. She found new spots for her to focus on every night.

This routine during the night resulted in her looking pretty pathetic without her mask. Since she had a human role to keep up, she wore heavy duty make up to cover her dark patches. She, obviously, slept poorly. She could use a partner to lessen her load and help innovate her costume.