94 of 365

She stepped out of the apartment’s gate onto a deserted street. The street lamp illuminated a little circle near the gate; the rest of the street was in darkness. There was nothing surprising about this. Living in a remote nook of the city allowed Meera to get by with little rent but it meant irregular power supply, poor water supply and no public amenities. It also meant extended travel time to work. She took that chance knowing it was the only choice she had. She struggled for a while after which she formed a routine around it. She never left her house too late in the night and avoided returning late as well. But that day was different; she needed to buy some medicines urgently.

She walked a while humming a tune to calm her frightened nerves. She saw two lights approaching her from a distance. She moved to the corner of the footpath and walked cautiously. The car went past her; five men were screaming and loud music reverberated from the vehicle. They hooted as they passed her. She ignored them and picked up her pace. The medical shop was just around the corner. She heard the car skid and turn around. They were coming back. She wanted to run but didn’t want to give in to her fear. She kept up her pace. The car stopped a few feet behind her and the men got off. They walked towards her unsteadily, screaming to attract her attention.

Her anger got the best of her and she turned to face them. Her face was violent. She was overpowered and there was close to no escape possible for her if this turned ugly. She resolved to fight it out. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was over reacting. The drunk men waddled towards her and she used her kick-boxing training to knock two of them out. But the others caught hold of her. She struggled in their tight grip. She screamed but all around her there was silence.

They teased her a while before they dragged Meera, who had now given up, to the car. They were two feet away when a loud thud scared them. They let go off her and turned around.

A tall, well-built woman dressed in purple body tights hovered in front of them. Her eyes shone in the darkness of the street. Her face had a mask. Her hair was tied in a neat bun. She had a black arrow on her chest and legs. She wore red gloves and red socks. Her cape flapped around in the wind. She raised her right hand towards the men and red rope flew out. The ropes tied each of the men up, individually and together. She moved her left hand twice and their mouths were taped shut.

She flew down to carry the limp Meera to a hospital. Parts of Meera’s dress was torn. She watched Meera being treated and lingered till she regained consciousness.

“Who are you?” Meera whispered as she spotted her saviour hanging out by the open window.

“Devious Eve,” the rescuer responded as she flew into the now empty room.

“Thank you!” she replied.

“It is my duty, Meera,” Devious Eve said with a smile.

Her job for that moment was done. She wrapped her cape around herself and spun round. She rose into the air before she vanished, as quickly and noisily as when she appeared.

Meera watched her disappear her mind full of questions. Would they meet again, she wondered?