93 of 365

I hadn’t realised how much like her I was till I noticed the look in her eyes; it was a familiar one for me. It was the instantaneous¬†reaction to the sorrow and pain. She couldn’t control it all the time. Her words never bore those emotions though. Her eyes betrayed her temporarily.¬†Everyone has these moments of complete breakdown. The reflexive and hyper state of mind, right? So what makes this moment special for her and me? She knew it tied us together. She spent many hours hiding behind her emotionless face. She was engrossed in being strong for everyone around her, all the time. It was just a momentary lapse and she willed it to go away. It was a trait she did not embrace. When I saw the look, I knew what to do. I held her hand, kissed it and reminded her it was all okay. She was strong, feisty and a superwoman. But even she needed to be reassured of that.¬†Perhaps, she was too adamant to voice that. Perhaps, I had gotten accustomed to her being strong for me all the time and refused to see. Once in a while, she must want to share her load. In the silent moments when I had her hands in mine, we conversed. And she drifted off to sleep.