87 of 365

When four people conversed with each other, she zoned out. She wasn’t necessarily part of the conversation always. People tend to lose her in the crowd. She just looked blankly past those present; her thoughts were far away too. Their lips moved but she didn’t hear a word they said. If they spoke to her, she don’t notice. She barely made an impression when others met her for the first time. She was an odd one. She had been told that her behaviour was often rude. In large gatherings, there was a formality to abide by. There was a need to smile, a fake one at the very least. This made large parties or meetings uncomfortable for her and she avoided them to her best. Or she went to them and disobeyed the ‘normal’ code. After a while, she presumed, the ‘normal’ bend would tip. There must be many more of her kind who reacted in similar fashions. They would force the attitudes to alter in her favour. Until then she would just have to force some socialising on her self. She couldn’t guarantee her attention though. Sometimes, she had no control over her mind. It drifted on its own.

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