84 of 365

Nobody saw me. Nobody told me how to live. Nobody noticed I had gone bald. Nobody saw my new grown mustache. Nobody noticed I had forgotten my pants at home. Nobody felt my presence. Nobody knocked on my door. Nobody heard me laugh hysterically. Nobody asked why my eyes were red. Nobody said I didn’t look handsome or pretty. Nobody saw the bruises. Nobody reminded me to take care. Nobody said that I wasn’t there. Nobody demanded me to speak. Nobody felt the need to remind me that I didn’t care. Nobody saw that I had a new tattoo. Nobody heard the whimpers from my room. Nobody asked me where my morals went. Nobody was bold enough to care. Nobody told me the truth. Nobody asked me about my kids. Nobody noticed the pain in my eyes. Nobody wondered why. Nobody found my body. Nobody threatened to kill me. Nobody harassed me. Nobody knew I was gone. Nobody told me what to wear. Nobody asked about my health. Nobody advised me to drive slowly. Nobody called me fat. Nobody told me the colour blue didn’t suit me. Nobody tried to define me. Nobody attempted to hurt me. Nobody tried to protect me. Nobody set me free. Nobody tied me up. Nobody accepted my silence.

3 thoughts on “84 of 365

  1. I’m not sure if i should respond to the idea in the post because it is produced here as fiction… but working in the devt sector, fully aware of structural marginalities and their extremely debilitating effects, I remain convinced that even if you have people helping you out, if you don’t ‘see’ yourself, then it will always feel like ‘nobody’ is.

    1. Ah. That is true.

      I was actually trying to flip the everybody is watching everybody’s movements around to nobody with some honest statements sprinkled in the middle. I had perceived it as a stupid rant. Suddenly, your comment made my post very profound. 🙂

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