83 of 365

It was a warm summer’s night. My partner and I had decided to escape the city for a couple of nights. We drove for several hours before we reached our camping sight. The city lights glowed in the distance. We unloaded our car and set up our tent. Tim was an outdoors person and he enjoyed the camping experience. Ever since we got married, we had camped out only a handful of times. This area around the hills was common for camping and often very noisy. But today it seemed deserted.

We had brought sandwichs and meat slices to eat. Tim warmed it up on our portable stove. I poured each of us a mug of beer from our cooler. We ate and drank in silence. As the stars became clearer, Tim lit a small bonfire. I took out my guitar and played a few tunes. Eventually, I was sleepy and I retired to our tent. Tim wanted to stay out a while longer. I kissed him goodnight before I crawled inside my sleeping bag. Soon, I drifted deep into dreamland.

I was being woken up. “Deb! Deb! Wake up,” Tim was screaming. I sat up and stared at him. I was angry. What was the need to shake me awake. “Yes, Tim,” I growled.

“I saw something moving in the woods. It was green and did not look like an animal. It had translucent wings and bloodshot eyes,” he said.

“What are you saying? This sounds like your imagination gone wild. Come to bed,” I snapped and lay down again.

“No no, Deb. What if it attacks us?” he continued.

“Is it a full moon night?” I asked.

“Don’t pull my leg, Deb,” he replied.

“But you are not being serious, Tim,” I said.

“Come out and you will see it too,” he said as he dragged me out of my sleeping bag.

I sluggishly followed him. I stared into the thicket he was pointing at but couldn’t see any moment. Until, there was a loud rush of leaves. Yet, I felt no breeze.

In a flash, a green animal with red eyes emerged from the trees. Our jaws dropped as we stared at it approaching us slowly.

We were glued to the ground in shock. The animal agitated at its space being encroached made a loud screeching sound. I moved closer to Tim and held onto his hand. Somehow, running seemed a bad idea so we just continued to stare.

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