78 of 365

If she ever saw a shooting star, would she wish on it? She would. She believed in celestial bodies and their power to do magical things. She would sit for hours and stare at the sky, wishing for a shooting star to wish on, ironically.

One day, she sat cross-legged on her terrace and spoke to the heavens, “I don’t think there is a God. I don’t believe there is a Devil. But, I believe in angels. I know there are fairies. I know there are pixies. Not just in my dreams but in reality.”

She continued to be seated and her stare persisted. In that moment, there was a huge sound and at the very same time, there was a celestial show of fireworks. Just for her. The shooting stars continued to dance in the skies for an hour or so. She looked at it in awe.

She eventually narrated the story to me. I couldn’t kill her enthusiasm with my rationality. The child was gifted or she had a unique imagination. Either way, I didn’t want reason to tarnish her spirit.

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