73 of 365

He stood his ground, yet no one truly understood his tough image. He wasn’t cold. But in brief moments of vulnerability, his personality pierced through. Else, his nonchalant exterior mirrored merely his aspirations.

His composure was what attracted me to him. That and his ability to listen. Our understanding has had numerous steep patches. To be fair, between our individual silences lay a world of truth. Words we were unwilling to share with the other. But those fleeting glances into his soul were enough to shake my very being. He didn’t notice my intrusive stares. If he did, he didn’t show any sign of anger. Anger that I presumed he would feel from my presence in his personal thoughts. I refrain from using words like mind or heart as I find it slightly nauseating in this context.  I personally have strived to keep others at a distance to ensure the struggles of my mind remain private. So I could imagine the unease he would feel.

On a positive note, we didn’t need to discuss this inert need we shared to maintain privacy. I wondered if he took peeks into my personality during similar moments of exposure. Much like me, he never brought it up.