71 of 365

“It has happened,” she said.

“What?” I dared to ask.

“I have found it!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I persisted.

“Enantiodromia!” she said.

My blank expression spoke louder than any word in the English language. Other than the one she had just uttered, if it was a word.

“Recently, I have been digging real hard for a word to explain accurately the change in my life. Transformation somehow didn’t fit well. Change was just not rounded enough. And voila, I have found the word that fits my needs to perfection. Enantiodromia!” she said.

The blank look continued to adorn my face and she resisted to explain why she had chosen such an unheard of word. “Oh, Ritu! It means changing of something into its opposite,” she said.

Suddenly, her enthusiasm began to make sense and my expression changed to one of understanding. Not so long ago, Sarah had been a hyper and outgoing child. Having known her for many years closely, her change was gradual and I was always in sync. But for many others, the switch from outgoing to private was one that did not make sense. They warned her it was bad company. They scared her saying it was denial. She even spent many hours reassuring herself it was normal. But honestly, I believe she had learnt to choose her company wisely and this was a more suited option for her. She spent less time hurt and more time doing the things she loved. Eventually, she was able to drown out the voices of what others felt about this change. She had been able to embrace it. The word was like icing on her own discreet cupcake.

“You should have said that right in the beginning,” I said as I tugged at her teeshirt sleeves lovingly. We both laughed in the knowledge of our little secret. Enantiodromia, I repeated to myself. It felt clandestine rather than a word used in English. I couldn’t articulate why. Time to look for more words?

Inspired by: Unusual words rendered