69 of 365

She went to school everyday. What choice did she have at the age of six. Her mother wouldn’t take her seriously. So, she dragged herself to school day after day. What was fun about sitting in class all day and listening to a few teachers drone on? 2 + 2, I have a blue hat. It all seemed too boring for her. She wanted to climb trees and chase rabbits down holes. She wanted to watch birds fly in and out of trees. She wanted to stare at people doing their work. But she was forced to stay indoors and listen.

Late one night, she lie awake in bed staring at her glow-in-the-dark solar system. She realised she could go to school but never attend the classes! This thought helped her fall asleep. In the morning, she skipped off to school without a complaint. Her mother stared at her bounce off to the bus stop; ma waved back at the surprisingly eager child. Ma was suspicious as Dee whined every morning and reluctantly trudged off to school. She duly followed the bus to school to find out for herself. There, she noticed her daughter waddle off the bus and run off to climb some trees. Unable to find a way to bring it up appropriately, she quietly went back home. That night as little Dee slept peacefully, Ma sprinkled some of her famous powder in her hair. She muttered the magic words and tiptoed out of the room. Dee woke up unaware of the magic that took place in her sleep. She kissed Ma on her cheek before running off to school. She hopped, skipped and jumped off the bus and into an old tree. She hung from the branches all day long. On returning home, Ma asked, “What did you study today?” “We learnt to add and subtract,” Dee replied. Just as the words left her mouth, her hands got spotted with dark brown moles. “Don’t you lie to me, Dee. You didn’t attend class, did you!” Ma screamed. “I did! I did!” she replied scared.

The moles continued to multiply till there were more brown spots than skin. Dee wailed as she couldn’t understand what had happened. Ma calmed her down and told her, “I saw you skip classes yesterday, so I cast a spell on you. Lie you must not about going to school, Dee. So each time you lie, you will develop five moles on your body. They will vanish only if you don’t lie for several hours.” Dee stared wide eyed at her mother. She was trapped. She couldn’t lie anymore.

Oh! How am I going to get out of school now, she thought to herself.

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