67 of 365

Today, I cannot seem to think clearly enough to write fiction. My head is full of the numerous rape articles I have read, the tweets condemning it, the FB posts expressing anger and many others. Yet, I know, the papers will soon go back to lesser coverage and this sadness I feel will reduce. It is a twisted cycle in my head right? I am upset by the coverage and soon enough will be upset by the lack of it. I believe in the concept of hyper-visibility, which is when a topic becomes ‘breaking’ news for a while and then fades away with time. Soon enough, something fascinating is bound to come around.

In such situations of anger, the answers demanded are quick and immediate. The responses are too knee jerk (with so many asking for death penalty and castration). I am sorry but my comprehension is tired. I do not want to read yet another badly analysed piece on rape. I want change in processes, police and government. I want media’s stereotyping of women to stop. I want advertising to modify its stance. I want to have the rights over my own body. I want sensitivity not sensationaltv.

A friend of mine wrote a nice piece questioning and re-thinking rape culture. Ever since then, I have been thinking about all the not-rapes we encounter, the definition of rape in our laws, the identifying of what is a violation and what is not. Somehow, I am told that stalking is too loose a term and can be misused by women. And this is a statement I have heard a lot.  After all how can you measure too much mental torture right? It is sad that we have put in place such limited ways of addressing violence. Until we find a way to address the everyday violence that girls, boys and women go through, it is going to be a tough task to deal with ideas like reducing rape. (Read Nilanjana Roy’s piece here)

I cannot offer any solutions but I certainly will try to not dismiss the violence that is not-rape anymore. Cause creating spaces where the survivors can not be judged is still something we desperately need to put into place. I spent many years convincing myself that I had done something to bring those experiences upon myself. I hope to now unlearn what I was taught and teach myself a new lesson; violence of any kind is unacceptable. And oh wait, silence too.


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