63 of 365

I love how sometimes you have no control over how the world brings people together. I was drawn to a meeting today that I was extremely reluctant to attend. But it turned out to be extremely grounded and eye-opening. I saw one of the best plays (dance, song, drama) on development and its multi-layered effect, including consumerism, loss of land, globalisation, media, government’s promises, on people in the villages. This was performed by a composition of people from across the districts and it is being taken to the districts. The play was powerful, sarcastic and truly well performed. I was fortunate enough to see it in a small audience and interact with the performers after.

On days like these, I feel fortunate to be able to meet such people and engage in wonderful conversations. It is interactions like these that renew my hope that there are many dynamic souls doing their own little bit to change the world; the knowledge keeps the fight going for me and reminds me that being surrounded by such causes make working in this field totally worth it.

Luckily, I have been surrounded by passionate, kind and fiery women and men for a while now. I am glad I met them for they enrich my understanding of the nuances in development and working with communities.