59 of 365

She waited by the window and stared at the skies. The clouds looked ready to burst. Yet, there was no sign of the rains. She ached for the clouds to give in and wet the city. The air was still without any breeze even. The five seconds of chaos before the showers began were her favourite. She was reminded of when her eyes welled up right before she broke down. Only the clouds were far less dramatic.

She loved the company of rains. The end of the heat was always a pleasant time to look forward to. Even the water flowing freely on the streets was tolerable when it rained. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. They were not going to arrive today. They were at least a couple of days away, she thought sadly. Her nose could detect their impending arrival before anybody or anything else. The smell of rains would waft to her nose and distract her from her work. What she liked best about the rains was watching the dogs on the streets right after. The rains would have swept away the familiar smells and replaced the streets with a range of smells. They would spend hours roaming around excitedly figuring out their way through the new scents.

But, not she. The rains for her were the safest place she knew. She would cuddle up under a sheet with a hot cup of tea and watch it rain from the safe quarters of her home. She had a seat next to the huge windows where she would be seated. However, the best feeling had to be falling asleep to the noise of the raindrops. She had a metal sheet as her ceiling; when the rain came down hard, she would drift off to the raindrops clattering on the sheet. What seemed to annoy her visitors was a welcome noise to her. More often than not, she craved it for a sound night’s sleep.

She continued to stare out her window for a while after, wishing she was wrong and the rains would surprise her today. She only missed her old friend.

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