55 of 365

Do you care?
she asked.
Her questions
were met
with silence.

Can you see
our plight?
she begged.
Silence, again.

Her battle
began 14 years ago
in a remote part
of the country;
in the heart
of her home.
The part
hidden from
mainstream eye
and conscience.

We speak of her
in whispers
and only
a little.
She remains
till date
in a prison
of a new kind.

Her strength
the State,
shook it
to its very bone.
little heed
was paid.

of the blame,
they would face,
her life
came to a pause.
A revolt would rise,
a generation
would come alive.
To continue her fight,
they thought.

Were they right?

But the story
was neither her,
nor her protest.
The law
had extended
its arm
and hurt
too many a soul.
Woman, man, child
killed, raped
in numbers.

Impunity granted
to the criminals,
The silence
of the State
reeked of its fear.
Its actions
smelt of indifference.
Not just to
her plight,
but others
like her.
In a land
she called home.

In a country
we swore
was a democracy.