49 of 365

“I lack
the strength to fight more,”
Ailamma said.
“These rights are yours,
this body yours,” I said,
“The decision too,
should be yours.”

The struggle had begun
many moons ago,
when she refused to be sterilised.
But the law was forcing
its might on her.
She refused,
she put up a fight.

They offered her gold,bribed her with land.
Poverty stricken
she yearned to give in.
“But it is my body,
I will not concede,”
she said.

Her man was poor
and weak.
He would soon be oldand grieving too.
“You have two girls,
You need no more,”
they said.
But poverty needed
more hands
to plough the fields.
They wanted to study
and learn,
not work to earn.

Confused and lost,
she turned to me.
I couldn’t save her.
But I insisted
she not pay heed.
The bribes they
Soon she gave in.

“Money is the need
right now,
with him aging
and their tender hands,
I am left with no choice
but to abide their plan.”

Once operation was done,
the money never showed.
They had tricked her
to fall for their gimmick.