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44 of 365

Often I feel I am very lucky. I have been bestowed with many wonderful friends, the ability to buy all the books I desire, the freedom to binge on high sugar, a full heart to give out love or even quit jobs in the hunt for one that satisfies.

Through my jobs, I travelled to Ahmedabad and then Bangalore. Though many of my indulgences were satisfied, I felt the urge to leave. When I left the city of Ahmedabad, I was happy to move on to find spaces that felt more right; although I was disappointed at having to walk away from some wonderful friends. In my short stay, I had made friendships. No, not good relationships with colleagues but friendships. To my pleasant surprise, the process repeated itself in Bangalore. Yet again, I was fortunate enough to make friends who dug a hole and settled themselves in my life. More loving, warm and passionate people in my life. What more could I ask for really? But sometimes I don’t like the uncertainity. Not just of a new job, but meeting new people. Having done it a lot in the past few years, I am unnerved by it. But then again, if I had not travelled I would have never encountered these souls and I would have missed out on a lot of experiences.


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