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43 of 365

My brothers had been brought to what is home in Ahmedabad a while ago. Despite the excitement to see them, I hadn’t come to Ahmedabad in over a year. Finally after much hesitation, my sister and I booked tickets to come to this city. I was finally going to see them. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I had seen photos but I anticipated them to be smaller and more aloof. They were an exotic black and often looked like panthers. Their sleek bodies helped in their agile movements that I watched closely. I was amazed to see how playful they were and how ninja quick their reactions were.

Bageera and Gulmarg would jump elegantly from tables to the floor, never knocking anything down. Their movements are so delicate and silent that I am truly fascinated by them. They managed to enter, sit and even leave rooms unnoticed. Bageera even playfully pawed me and attempted to steal my pencil while I was writing! Gulmarg stayed hidden for the most part, shy that he was. But emerged and purred to make his presence felt.

I felt myself warm up to them and yearn to pet their tiny heads. Just like loving parents, my sister and brother-in-law showered them with love and the kittens returned the love in their own subtle way. It reminds me of the wonderful seven months I spent here. It makes me miss living in this home.


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