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42 of 365

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Will she ever find her body attractive? She took of her shirt and looked closely at her torso. It was not ugly; there were no huge blemishes. It was for the most part smooth and without any age or stretch marks. But her body had always felt detached from her. As if, it didn’t belong to her. Initially she felt, it was not how the bodies of the women in advertisements looked. The lumps of weight around her waist were the worst. They clung to her and made her feel un feminine.

Soon, she was completely naked. The full length mirror showed her every inch of her body. She turned around and looked at her back side for a while. Her sweet-sixteen birthday had resulted in a drunken night and a butterfly being tattooed on her lower back. She smiled to herself as memories of that night came floating back. It wasn’t a night she liked but it had led her to get inked. In a sober state, she would have never gotten a tattoo. Let alone a butterfly. Sometimes it was the only part of her body that was welcoming and partially because the butterfly didn’t fit her personality.

She dressed herself again with contempt in her heart; a repulsion that could not be explained.


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