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38 of 365

He sneaked out the burrow and screamed. “Sylvie? Where are you?” A pointed hat peeked out of a burrow at the other end of the garden. “Shhh. You will wake the humans.”

She bobbed out of her burrow and waddled close to him. The moonlight made his purple skin glow. “Sam. We need to be quick and effective. We enter the house through the cat door, steal the bread from the basket on the table and escape. No noises. No traces of us. No one will ever figure it out then,” she said in her calm voice. He, however, was still shaking. His red hat kept tilting and when it tilted too much he tipped over. Two seconds later that is exactly what happened. “Sam! Pull yourself together,” she muttered under her breath. Was he too excited or just plain hungry?

He nodded in agreement and they tiptoed towards the house. They got in without making any loud noises. They used the glow from their hands to lead them around the furniture and into the kitchen. There they spotted the bread basket on top of the dining table. Sam jumped on top and greedily began to eat. Sylvie tugged his red coat and begged him to take it back to their home. Refusing to listen, he gobbled a piece noisily.

Just as they were filling their coats with bread, the lights came on. A little boy was standing by the kitchen door and staring at them. Two gnomes complete with their huge white shoes and red hats were standing on his dining table. Only their beards were white and they were purple. Gnomes did not exist in reality. He was positive it was a hallucination. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and when he opened them, they were gone. The only thing on the table were bread crumbs.

He dragged his feet to the fridge and poured himself a glass of milk, before switching off the light. He headed back to his bedroom, unsure what to believe. Knowing no one would believe him, he remained silent.

Sam and Sylvie had escaped out the cat door into their burrows. Sylvie nagged Sam about his erroneous ways. “What if it had been an adult?” she screamed as Sam bit into the bread they had stolen. His loud chewing sounds were the only reply she received.


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