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37 of 365

She lay on the trampoline in their backyard staring at the starry night. For the past week, she had fallen asleep beneath the blanket of stars and woken up to the sound of birds. It had never struck her to make the trampoline her bed. She would occasionally sit on the trampoline in the evenings and play her guitar. The music and her singing would fill the mountain air. But the thought to spend the entire night outside seemed outrageous.

Growing up in the mountains had created a bond between her and nature. Long walks in the wilderness were her favourite pastime. With no brothers or sisters, she had found many ways to keep herself entertained. She would sit for hours on end after school, outside and watch the birds fly in and out of trees; see the sunset between the mountains; watch the lights go out and the nights lights go on. She remembered distinctly the first time she spotted a firefly in her backyard. She must have been 8 years old. She had gaped at it and followed its every movement till she couldn’t see it anymore. Her heart sank as she felt its abrupt departure. A while later, she spotted many more flying near a treetop. The picture of the glistening fireflies floating with the dark sky as their background cannot be forgotten.

As she drifted back into the present, she felt the warmth and glow she had first felt on seeing a firefly. Beautiful things never last, that’s why fireflies they flash, she hummed.


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