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35 of 365

She licked the melted chocolate off the shiny golden foil paper like she was a child. “Delicious,” she muttered to herself aware that the room was empty. She couldn’t help feel energy seep into her even as she swallowed the chocolate.

Chocolate was ingenious, she thought. It wasn’t the endorphins that were generated when digested. But the sheer ability chocolate had to change one’s mood. Just the thought of it was enough to make her upbeat. Her mouth watered as she stared at the empty wrapper. Another day she will have to wait. She can’t be greedy and go buy one more now can she?

Her granddad had indulged her in this habit. When she was little, he would buy her one bar of chocolate everyday after school. His wife would scream and shout that he was spoiling her teeth. He told her he would stop, but he never did. When his wife threatened to take it away, he would smuggle it to her before her grandmother saw. Without fail, each day, she would get one bar of chocolate and a big smile from him.

As she lived away more and visited less, he would buy her a bar every time she visited. She would grab it and lick the foil; just like she used to many moons ago. He would smile in happiness. Thus the tradition continued, even after she grew up. When an illness took his life, she was torn. They had never shared even a single heart-to-heart conversation. But she had gotten fond of their little custom.

At his funeral, she vowed to buy herself one bar of chocolate a day in his memory. Even if she got really fat.


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