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34 of 365

My mind and heart are hyperactive and function, literally, without my control. They remind me, “To switch off the light when I leave the room”, “Not all dogs bite”, “This relationship is abusive”. However, my listening is erratic.

Occasionally, my body sends me signs too. “This is not working anymore. Change it. NOW.” Should I listen? Or ignore, again? I persistently ignore.

This vicious trap of evasion has led me to an intrepid place with my body reacting quicker than my mind and heart. It urges me to slow down and smell the wet earth; to relax and sleep in; to eat some donuts or take a refreshing swim. To live a little more.

Slowly, I am discovering the art of being kind to oneself. I am learning the importance of being there for me. I am realising that my body, mind and heart are not always going to be patient with me. I need to start being responsible and take their hints seriously. Mostly, I need to be attentive to me.

Sounds easy enough, yet it is one of the toughest habits I will have to break.


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