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30 of 365

Her eyes gave her away. She knew the lies she had spread. I couldn’t hide the glint of victory.

She smiled at him. He looked straight at her for a second then turned away. She never felt the same again.

She walked away from the noise, looking for her place. She walks into the sunset, head held high, as magic awaits.

I looked at her for the first time, she looked serene. I stroked her tiny fingers and she held on, for just a second.

He stared at the wedding invitation. It isn’t right. It can’t be true. He couldn’t possibly be attending her wedding.

She searched below the seat, near the aisle, under the neighbouring seat. It was nowhere to be found. Who would steal a pair of glasses on a train?

He jumped out of the window to escape the screaming. They followed the same routine, everyday, once his dad returned from work.

She grabbed her and pulled her close. She didn’t protest but she did not look happy. “What now,” she asked, accusingly.


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