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25 of 365

A prime accused in a rape case died today and the uproar makes me sad. This has forced me to ask a lot of questions.

Did he really commit suicide?

How does a high security prisoner commit suicide?

Where were his inmates and what did they see?

IF what his family says is true, does he ‘deserve to be sodomized’ just cause he raped?

Why has this society reached the stage where we celebrate death? Whether it is a rapist’s or a terrorist’s.

Can we call ourselves the civilised world?

Aren’t his mother and father allowed to feel pain? Why do we feel the need to mock it?

What are all the human rights violations that take place on a day-to-day basis inside a jail?

Is life sentence really more human rights ethical than capital punishment?

Is his death what we call justice? Then there are a lot of rapists who will have to die everyday for justice to be served.

When I log in to Twitter or Facebook (big mistake!) and see the posts by people I know or people I just ‘follow’, I am forced to wonder if an eye for an eye is all that seems to make sense suddenly. To me, it doesn’t anymore. I know he committed a crime which was heinous. I understand the anger. But is his death going to solve anything? Rapes, child sexual abuses are still taking place. Apparently, even on the same stretch that this rape and murder took place. Only this one was in an auto.

I know I am going to be told that I was not the victim nor was it someone I know and in such cases, I would feel very different. I understand that close friends and family feel the need for vengeance. But I thought the judiciary and law was above that. I was apparently too naive.

I have no answers. Just questions and more questions. But while I ask these questions from my safe space, the circle of violence continues in the real world…


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