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23 of 365

Do not enter without desire. She read the words first in her mind and then out loud. The words gave her the chills, even on a warm evening in Paris. The words were embossed in gold on the Palais de Chaillot, just across the road from the Eiffel Tower.

She had landed in Paris less than ten hours ago and she already felt at home. The Parisiens weren’t extremely forgiving of her poor French. But, it was Paris. Even if she got lost, she would be getting lost in Paris. Her first stop had been to the Eiffel Tower. She was a tourist after all. Sadly, she was not overtly impressed. She walked away from it to slightly more secluded spots across the road. It was then that she spotted the words embossed in gold.

Overcome by a warm feeling, she decided to head off aimlessly. She would see Paris by foot, by herself.  She wanted to feel her way around the city. Turn right because that street looked appealing. Walk straight because those buildings cried out. Turn around because that street needed to be seen twice.

The streets, the buildings, the lamp posts would all make for a wonderful story someday. Not today. Today, Paris and her tiny bistros were inviting her in. To sit down, relax and sip on some elating coffee.

As she looked out onto the streets, waiting for her coffee; she felt alive, inspired, passionate and intoxicated.

This was Paris. The one she had read about in books, watched in movies and heard of. The romantic capital of the world. The fashion capital of the world. The invigorating Paris. She was finally here; and here to stay.


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