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I was part of state level meeting of NGOs who had gathered to celebrate International Women’s day today. It was full of energy (for the lack of a better word at this point) and I loved it. Women who have been fighting for equal rights in the state came forward to speak. They were powerful, passionate and articulate speakers. (They all spoke in Telugu which was a little tough to get the hang of at the start.) I was in awe; not just of the work they do but of their spirit.

I feel spirit is something which isn’t easy to find. Today, I saw it in the eyes of these women, in their words, in their smiles. And that is what I will take away from the meeting.

One of the women, Jhansi Geddam, a dalit writer, spoke about how the Delhi gang rape brought focus on the violence against women in this country. She didn’t fail to mention that there are so many such cases across Andhra that go unnoticed, unheard.

Personally, I love how she made this point. She reiterated that its not that the Delhi case is unimportant. But we cannot forget the hundreds of other women whose cases never go to trial or get adequate attention.

I mention her in particular cause right now if I close my eyes, I can imagine her fiery eyes. They were full of purpose. She spoke with such a connect with the audience. It was the best speech of the day.

Note: I did a basic google search of the women before the meeting for a note and I realised the extent of their work is sadly not present in the English language. But hopefully some newspaper will cover a report and I can share that too. 🙂


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