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17 of 365

Sometimes I feel completely at a loss for words. I cannot understand what is going on in my head. I have always been able to articulate my thoughts better in writing. So when I cannot write, I worry. Sometimes the words flow so well, they take me by surprise. There is no need to edit. I write and everything makes sense. It all falls into place: the writing, the thoughts, the story. Sometimes I work very hard to focus. To make that line sound perfect. To get the plot right. To correct the grammar.

Sometimes I swing through these three states within the time frame of writing a story. Sometimes I stand still in one frame.

Sometimes it all makes sense. Sometimes none of it does.


One thought on “17 of 365

  1. This is so easy to relate to. Sportsmen call that feeling of being ‘in the zone’. And u did a perfect job of describing a prized feeling.

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