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15 of 365

I had the fortune of listening to Binayak Sen speak today. He spoke about hunger, malnutrition and being displaced. He stated facts on high malnutrition, Tuberculosis and questioned how these issues didn’t hold our focus. And despite malnutrition in some states, they were still being called developed.

On discussing this with A, I realised how our world is heading in a scary direction. Sometimes as part of the urban world, we forget the importance of something as basic as access to water. According to two reports I read today, due to the heavy usage of water by factories in those areas, the people are suffering. Dr. Sen mentioned that it is not just the illegal usage of the water that’s a problem. But the legal too. Since it eats up on the allocation of water to the people of those areas. To which my friend gave me a scary example of a water body being drained by a company and once the water was dried out, a pump was placed in the centre of it.

If we can’t see how we are affecting the communities living in these areas, I don’t know if we will see what we are doing to the environment. And that is unsettling.

Today, these ideas are raw. Maybe someday I will be able to frame my concerns and understanding of it all better…


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