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8 of 365

Hyderabad witnessed two blasts on February 21 late in the evening. This was not the first time for the city. Yet everything after the incident seemed the same to me. More police patrolling the next day. Gory pictures in the newspapers. TV channels fighting over who breaks the news. For some media organisations, the number of lives lost was just a statistic to file away.

And the government of India promised the war on terror would continue. God that phrase creeps me out. Politicians of India and the world seem to be able to say “our efforts for the war against terrorism will continue” without a laugh. And ironically they genuinely mean it.

I am saddened by the fact that we haven’t learnt anything from the previous blasts. The logic of a war on terrorism will never make sense to me. I  firmly believe the vicious cycle of violence needs to be broken and fast. Today, I feel helpless and a little stupid. More innocent lives are lost and nobody has any answers.

Rest in peace all of you who died in the blast. I hope you are in a better place.


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