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Libraries are beautiful storehouses of magic. Yes, I choose the word magic. Sometimes when I walk into an unorganised library I am happy. It means every book I pick is serendipitous. I remember that is how I found myself two autographed books (in Blossoms obviously).

Sometimes unorganised libraries take you to new fantasy lands. But most importantly that is how I discover authors.

Today, I walked into British Library to return three books I had borrowed. I wanted to not borrow any books as I have a huge unread pile at home. But the aisles filled with magic called out to me. I gave in to their call and wandered aimlessly in the fiction section.

Till I found Luka and the fire of life by Rushdie. Yes, serendipity it was. I flipped through a few pages and finally gave in. I have now added Luka to my already growing pile of books. Sigh!

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2 thoughts on “Libraries

  1. All you need now is one shot of Tamila’s awesome coffee (it should so be a brand!) and you’ve got yourself a lil piece of heaven. ah. I’m finally reading Camus btw πŸ™‚ The essay feels like someones talking to me about where I currently am in life. All the interpretations and dilemmas of absurdity.. or walking in and out of time stream. Many of the lines are mirrors of the thoughts i’ve been penning down all over the place across diaries and notes to self. I’m really curious how it will build.. because I feel like I haven’t reached a point of clarity in my discourse.. maybe i’ll find it in his πŸ™‚ Sorry, sort of went off the map of this blog.. but it suddenly just occured to me.

    • Haha! A post on books takes us to a wonderful land of books obviously. Ah. I remember feeling like that about Camus. I have a book where I wrote down everything I loved from the book.. even page numbers :p Hope it gives you all the clarity you need πŸ™‚

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