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4 of 365

How will it be when we meet again?  Will we be awkward? Will you smile? I am sure I will smile. It has after all only been five years since we last saw or spoke to each other. I still hear your voice inside my head. Sometimes. I remember that high pitched tone of yours when you laughed. Has it changed? I recall how you hid your anger behind those glasses. You would look at me from above your glasses hoping the mean stare would break me. But we would eventually laugh it off. I am sure you still do that. Have you changed your perfume from Charlie Red? I wouldn’t believe it if you did. I remember when I bought you Charlie White, absolutely sure that was the one. You never corrected me and dutifully wore it. That evening as I walked you home, you did not let go of my hand. I never asked why. I still remember every detail. Sometimes.


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